360 Approach

We take a 360° approach to wealth, looking at our clients’ personal and professional finances, to help maximize it:

  • We take a deep dive into all finances, determining how wealth transfer, risk management, tax mitigation and philanthropy relate specifically to personal wealth.

  • We know what our clients do not know. We understand the pitfalls to avoid and aim to preempt any missteps, both personal and professional.

Serving Our Clients

​We serve as our clients’ reassuring guide as they transition their business or other phases in life, often answering the frequently asked question, “What do other families do in this situation?”

Usually a client’s first call on anything and everything financial, we arm them with relevant, thoughtful advice based on a clear and deep understanding of their goals. We create a customized virtual team, seeking out complementary business professionals to help us solve our clients’ challenges and augment their opportunities.


Working collaboratively with your other advisors, we believe in bringing all professionals to the table, working together in your best interest. Highly engaged and dedicated, we take the time to listen and understand your purpose. Most important, we will act as a catalyst for profound change, development and execution.

The konvergent wealth formula

WM + IM + AP (WE, WT, WP, CG) + RM

Wealth Management (WM) to us goes beyond traditional Investment Management (IM).  Our true value derives from our highly personalized Advanced Planning (AP) process.

As part of our Advanced Planning guidance, we look at Wealth Enhancement (WE) which focuses on tax mitigation and cash flow strategies in our clients’ personal and business planning. During the Wealth Transfer (WT) phase, we will ensure that the estate planning goals of our clients are addressed. With the vast wealth our clients have created, we use Wealth Protection (WP) tactics to safeguard our clients’ assets from frivolous lawsuits or divorce. Charitable Giving (CG) strategies are implemented for our charitably inclined clients so they can provide for the organizations they care about most while also making sure they are OK and their family is OK. We wrap up these areas with a Relationship Management (RM) service.

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Investment advice offered through Integrated Financial Partners, doing business as konvergent wealth partners, a registered investment advisor.